The Chiapas Support Committee (CSC)  is a grassroots all-volunteer group based in Oakland, California. CSC serves as a center for education and information about Chiapas, the Zapatista communities and Mexico.

CSC works with Indigenous Zapatista communities to support and accompany their process of constructing autnomous health care, education and economic development.

The Chiapas Support Committee regularly organizes forums and other events and activities to share and discuss ideas, analyses and developments related to the Zapatista communities, Mexico and U.S.-related policies.

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    • Compañero Manuel is the war name of one of the leaders of the FLN who died
      in a Mexican Army raid on a ranch in the Lacandón Jungle of Chiapas.

  1. Always the do we need communication, information.
    Such actions shall certainly lead towards education and knowledge of self.
    Congratulations and success.


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